What is Digital Marketing?

The context of Change: Marketing is converting to Digital Marketing

    • From Books to e-Books or PDF
    • From Television to Hotstar or Amazon Prime
    • From DVDs or CDs to Pendrive or SD Card
    • From Road Maps to GPS
    • From Magazines, Newspapers to Online Blogs


 What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the use of Internet-connected devices to engage a Customer. It’s all about Marketing, customers, and their engagement. Digital marketing utilizes multiple channels such as content marketing, SEO, social media, online advertising and PPC email marketing to help brands promotion or Product connect with consumers and businesses. Most of Digital marketer says Content marketing is a heart of Digital Marketing. If your website having a good content there for your customers wants to read to encourage buy or sales online.

Know Some Digital Marketing Strategist



  • To know your customer’s Details like Name, Age, Gender, Address, Occupation etc.
  • To know how to communicate with your customers like FB, twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • To deliver what they want. When they want it.

Importance of digital marketing

  • Reduced Cost and Time
  • Simple to measure
  • Real-Time Measurement
  • Real-Time Action
  • Refinement of your strategy
  • Viral Not Intrusive

Digital marketing models:

If you are a Digital Marketer needing to create a digital marketing plan template or audit website or online review. Digital marketing models are provided useful frameworks for building a good digital marketing strategy. There is two model available over the internet one is SOSTAC and another one is AIDA.




Aida full form is Awareness Interest Desire Action

Awareness:- Also called “Attention,” this is the first part often overlooked by most advertisers today. To attract the attention of the consumer, the best approach creates a better brand Awareness and share it through the mail and Social Media.

Interest:- Once you’ve got your customers attention than create a content strategy to get people interest in your brand. If you’re writing direct mail, don’t add dozens of pages or heavy text.

Desire:- Sometimes its called “decision”. Create a personal and emotional relation communication with your product. Therefore people are liking What you provide.

Action:- Its depend on the stage
Like, Subscribe Email in any Website or purchase a Product from an online Web site.



It’s a planning model, originally developed in the 1990s to help with online marketing planning by PR Smith.

  • Situation – where are we now?
  • Objectives – where do we want to be?
  • Strategy – how do we get there?
  • Tactics – The Details of Marketing Strategy
  • Action – Who does what and when
  • Control – How to We monitor Performance

Why Digital Marketing is important?


Digital-Marketing-Live Status-internetworldstat-site

                                    [ Image Source: Internetworldstats ]








                                          [ Image Source: internetworldstat ]


Click the link and Watch grow in real time and monitor social media usage – Internet users, websites, blog posts, Facebook, Mobile Phone, PC etc.



A digital marketing is an absolute Way for any Small and Medium Company?

Traditional marketing hopes to generate reach and visibility, but the internet does it better. The internet is the best platform to spread information because maximum marketers using social media and target nearly audiences. There are multiple digital tools you can use to find out your customer or create a good buyer persona. Google Analytics tools analyze lots of factors— geographic location, demographics, interests, etc.

You can use the most attractive content to better impact your audience, making you more memorable and strengthening your brand identity. You will develop concepts and good ideas that are intended to explain something about life or the world. so there really need be no limit to your creativity!

Social media platforms allow you to establish the strong relationship with your customers. Creating a place where you can interact gives clients the opportunity to express their opinions and take their opinions seriously!

What are the different types of digital marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation: SEO  full form is Search Engine Optimisation and Its main part of Digital marketing. Most of the people are annoyed when they search their website on google but not showing any results. So, you need to do Search Engine Optimization.

Content Marketing: Content Marketing is a heart of Digital Marketing. If your website having a good content there for your customers wants to read to encourage buy or sales online. Content is flexible and Its deliver anywhere – from YouTube to podcasts, Facebook & tweets to info-graphic.

Pay Per Click Advertising: PPC is an online advertising model in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. This PPC price set by Ads publisher.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliates are commission based Marketing. The ‘commission’ is determined entirely by the company, some organizations offer a percentage of the sale and others offer a flat Discount per product.

Social Media Marketing: Promoting your Product through Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and LinkedIn. If you sell your product through the Social network, it’s social media marketing.

Viral Marketing: If you are able to create such a creative content which would turn into a viral, it could turn your business into an overnight success.

Email Marketing: Create a good PPC email marketing that turns your audience on the website.

 Digital marketing strategy

Before you jumped into making some Digital Marketing strategy. At first, you need to do read some organization Digital Marketing case study and understand their Marketing Strategy. If you live in India then read Oyo Room marketing Strategy or You outside of India you must read Airbnb Case Study.

  • Identify your Goal
  • Compare your goal with your competitor goal.
  • Build a Social Media channel that helps to communicate your client.
  •  You need a content marketing ideas for creating a Good Content.
  • Promote your content over the Social Media and engage with Your Audience.

How to become a Digital Marketing Specialist

  1. First Fixed your Budget then BUY Domain and Hosting for two years, Follow some on Page SEO rules and Setup your Blog.
  2. Track your web pages through Google analytics.
  3. Make some time for keyword research and filter some high-quality keyword.
  4. After getting your keyword, write some blog or article for your website.
  5. Before you Start writing your article mention tag attribute(h1,h2,h3….).
  6. Open any Social Media account and share your article with some relevant groups.
  7. You can create Adwords account to promoting your article or promote through Facebook Marketing.
  8. Embed Social Media button on your website.
  9. create the robots.txt file and Sitemap,Xml file for indexing your website on Google.
  10. If you fulfill the Adsense criteria than apply to Adsense account and earn some money from your website.

5 skills you need to Get a Digital Marketing Job

Digital Marketing Job Description

  • Web Marketing Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Email marketing specialist
  • PPC management Specialist
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist

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