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Definition of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a heart of Digital Marketing. If your website having a good content there for your customers wants to read to encourage buy or sales online. Content is flexible and Its deliver anywhere – from YouTube to podcasts, Facebook & tweets to info-graphic. Today content is digitally promoting their brand and build a good brand Awareness.

Content Marketing is the best practices for the SEO

Nowadays every person talks about “Content is a king” but do you know, why most of the people talk about this. The reason is 99% of the website having content not only contains the website owner create relevant content on their site. If you think you don’t have a content only put some video or image and get more traffic this is an absolutely wrong concept but few inception cases are shown over the internet. I give you an example, go to the Site below to see a link, click the link and check there are having no content, but every month they got 200k-400k organic traffic.

Many people say how it can be possible? Yes, It is possible because Google always says make relevant to their content, So given website is a collection of images. When Google boots are Crawl the Site that time they know relevancy.


    content-marketing-for-SEO Here is the Website link                   Check the Website Traffic

If you are new in this field. First, you need to build a good communication skill and remember one thinks don’t copy another website content. If you do that google give u punishment and give you a negative mark for SEO page rank. Overall the scenarios Content Marketing is the best practice for SEO.

Template for a content marketing strategy

Most of Digital Marketers want to create a good content Marketing Template but they failed because they do not create any buyer personas. Buyer personas have been invented for content marketing. Before you create any buyer persona, you need to know “Who is the buyer and what are the needs and preferences?”.

Most of Digital Marketers want to create a good content Marketing Template but they failed because they do not create any buyer personas. Buyer personas have been invented for content marketing. Before you create any buyer persona, you need to know “Who is the buyer and what are the needs and preferences?”.

I think most of the people connecting with social media. So you collect some buyer data from social media site and put them on the list. After you analyze the buyer need than you write a good content on your website.



[ Buyer persona List ]

Content Marketing strategy :

Agile: Flexible, Adaptive
you get feedback and from the client and you correct mistakes that you might have made.

Authentic: Research, understands the audience and their need.

Attention: Headline is a promise, the first few statements are attractive to their Website visitor.

Audience: Connecting with Social media, building a minimum viable audience before you start selling.

Authority: Authority is about being someone that people like, they want to listen to, they want to follow, they know, like and trust.

Action: It’s depending on stage like taking action to join the Facebook page.

Acceleration: Advertising, Dedicated Blogs, Affiliation!

Follow all those steps carefully and make a Content Marketing Strategy, this helps you to improve SEO rank.


why content marketing is important for business

Content Marketing will help your Business and increases your sales whether your business is small or big that does not matter. Small business does not spend a lot of money on their ads campaign because their budget is low. Before their create some content they need to choose a strong niche and compare with their competitor’s niche. After creating your niche go to Social Media and analysis, your client what the need?


Content Marketing Ideas :content-marketing-ideas

  • Create a Strong Successful niche that makes your Brand Identity.
  • Follow your competitors and get some Idea.
  • Communicate and solve your client problem through Social Media.
  • Follow client post on the social media, and ask them what they need?
  • Make colourful content that visually represents your brand.
  • Create Some puzzle and Video those are engaging your customer.

How to write SEO friendly website content for beginners

1.Think deep before you write

First chose your blogging content or website content then think deeper about your content, you can go to other sites like Reddit, yahoo answer and check your content myth when you understand the content myth and their difficulties than start write your content”

2. Note Down the Structure of Your Site

Before you creating some post you need to create a good clear Structure for your Site.

  1. Create a short introduction in your first paragraph.
  2. Write a good content on the body element.
  3. End of your article add some conclusion

3. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most vital case before you start content writing. First, pick up a keyword that having low CPC but Search volume is high. Now put your keyword on keyword planner tools or any tools for analyzing the competition.

4. Headings

A heading is important for readability and good SEO practices. Heading and Subheading both help to build a good website structure. Suppose you write an article you need to mention heading tag[H1, H2, H3, H4…..].

5. Paragraphs

Every content writer needs to mention their paragraph in the article. Before you use paragraph tag[<p>] their having some sentence. Every paragraph content with a short description of some new idea.

6. Optimize the length of your article.

Your article content with at list 500 words because Google like long length article. Remember one thinks don’t write an article with over 1000 words. Your article includes the main keyword at list 2-3 times.

7. Create some anchor Text.

The anchor text is a text that content with a hyperlink and it also help to connect to pages. Your anchor text is also important for your Google ranking.

8. Post Content Regularly.

If you want to grow your business, you need to post some article per week. Google bots are coming to your site and getting some non-active performance that time your site affected negative ranking on Google.

9. Conclusion.

Conclusion means little summy of your content, In this section, you can add some idea, tips, and tricks for your audience. You must add some conclusion to the article.

10. Distribute your Article.

You follow the rules and publish on your site that’s good. I think most of the website publisher having social media account and communicate with his friends. Now share your article with all social media channel and build some engagement.

Content Marketing Examples :

Here is the example of  Video Content.

Conclusion :

Content Marketing gives lots of benefits to every business. First, Choose company goal than pick suitable content marketing strategy and build your content. Lots of people connecting with social media so, share your article on Social media and get some feedback.

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